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As of Friday June 26, 2020, congressional gridlock is preventing the passage of vital assistance for people affected by the shutdown of the entertainment industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This legislation faces a difficult path through the Senate. 

Here are two ways to help:

  1.  Send a Letter To Congress:

Our colleagues at IATSE have created an efficient way to send a letter to Congress in support of the HEROES Act.  Please click here to send a letter to Congress. Once you enter your information, you can copy/paste/edit the SAMPLE TEXT below that has language that supports the CIC. 

  1.  Ask Family and Friends—Especially Those Outside New York—to Send a Letter to Congress:

To pass the HEROES Act we must also gather support from Senators outside New York.  If you have family, friends or know anyone living outside New York and the tri-state area, please ask them to think of you and sign this letter or call their representative directly in support of the HEROES Act. Follow the same steps—after entering their personal information, they can copy/paste/edit the SAMPLE TEXT below to draft their letter.
Getting other Senators involved is critical, especially those in one of these states: North Carolina, Iowa, Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Maine,  West Virginia, Utah, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Louisiana, Kansas, North Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas, Alaska.   Without support from some of the Senators in these states the bill may not pass. Hardline Republicans may be swayed if their own constituents write.

These simple actions will help ensure that the Senate understands there is nationwide support for the HEROES Act and the true effect that this legislation will have on working people.


I am writing as a supporter of the Costume Industry Coalition, a group of over 40 NYC small businesses who build costumes for the entertainment industry that came together admist the COVID-19 pandemic. As of March 2020, The CIC employed hundreds of specialty craftspeople who create and supply costumes for the entertainment industry.

Since New York began its PAUSE the industries we contribute to have come to a complete halt, forcing
us to close our doors alongside many of our vendors, colleagues, and collaborators.

To date the relief offered by the government has been helpful to our businesses and our employees.
However, with the prospect that our industry may not return to full capacity until January 2021 more
support is needed to avoid devastating consequences for our workers.

I urge you to support the passage of the HEROES Act which includes:
· An extension of the Paycheck Protection Program to all nonprofits and increased program
· An extension of the CARES Act’s unemployment insurance provisions, including the $600.00
weekly supplement
· 100% COBRA premium subsidies through January 2021
· A second round of direct economic impact payments to individuals and families
· An additional $10 million added to the National Endowment of the Arts and direct funding to
cities and states

The HEROES Act provides support for our employees, businesses, and vendors. Extensions to
unemployment and payments to individuals will help our employees survive. The additional funding to
cities, states and the National Endowment for the Arts will help make sure that the arts and entertainment
industry can rebound without delay.

These are unprecedented and difficult times and we look forward to re-opening as soon as is practical. In
the meantime, we are extremely concerned that our employees can return to their jobs when the time
comes, healthy and safe. I strongly urge you to support the immediate passage of the HEROES Act.
Thank you,

(your name)

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