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[CIC Shop Name] is looking for a temporary stitcher for the next 2 weeks. Please contact our contact person at

The CIC is run entirely by volunteers from within the NY Costume Industry


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Designed By: Christopher Oram

CIC Member in photo:

Eric Winterling, Inc.

CIC Members in show:

Arel Studio, Arnold S Levine, Inc. 

Bra Tenders, Bethany Joy Costumes, Inc.

CEGO Custom Shirts

Dyenamix, Inc., Jeff Fender Studio

Jennifer Love Costumes, Inc.

John Kristiansen New York, Inc.

Hat Rabbit Studio, Mio Design NYC, LLC.

 Parsons-Meares, LTD., Wing & Weft Gloves

Vogue Too Pleating

Designed by: Mark Eric Rodriguez

CIC Members in show: 

Bethany Joy Costumes, Inc.

Bra Tenders

Colin Davis Jones Studios

Jennifer Love Costumes

Alvin Ailey Ounce of Faith

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The CIC is run entirely by volunteers from within the NY Costume Industry


The Costume Industry Coalition is currently looking for a video editor to help us with our "Features" series where we interview the members of the CIC and get tours of their space. This position is editing only, the footage will be provided and you will work closely with other members of our Social Media Team to construct the narrative and make sure we are consistent with messaging and branding. Previous "Features" can be found here.


Do you enjoy writing? Have you worked on fundraising or political campaigns previously? The Costume Industry Coalition is looking for a copy editor to helps us craft the messaging for our action items. This includes campaigns to contact local lawmakers as well as our Senators and Representatives in Washington as well as efforts to support other members of our entertainment community. You will work closely with other members of our Social Media and Action Items Committee to write mass emails for our mailing list and the copy for our coordinating social media posts. 

Previous Action Items can be found here.

Email us at or through our contact page.

Eric Winterling

Owner Eric Winterling, Inc.

Research and photo library

Edwin Schiff

First Hand at John Kristiansen NY, Inc.

Video Producer, Youtube, Instagram

Outreach Team

Katie Sue Nicklos

Owner of Wing and Weft Gloves

Robert Ritter

Draper at Tricorne

Auction Team

Stephanie Zlotnick

 Auction Item Coordinator