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The CIC has created a Recovery Fund to help our Members survive the suspension of live entertainment. These funds will provide immediate assistance for the small businesses and artisans of the costume industry. All donations are tax-deductible through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, the Artisans Guild of America.

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The CIC is run entirely by volunteers from within the NY Costume Industry. Are you interested in donating some time to the CIC?

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The CIC is run entirely by volunteers from within the NY Costume Industry


The Costume Industry Coalition is currently looking for a video editor to help us with our "Features" series where we interview the members of the CIC and get tours of their space. This position is editing only, the footage will be provided and you will work closely with other members of our Social Media Team to construct the narrative and make sure we are consistent with messaging and branding. Previous "Features" can be found here.


Do you enjoy writing? Have you worked on fundraising or political campaigns previously? The Costume Industry Coalition is looking for a copy editor to helps us craft the messaging for our action items. This includes campaigns to contact local lawmakers as well as our Senators and Representatives in Washington as well as efforts to support other members of our entertainment community. You will work closely with other members of our Social Media and Action Items Committee to write mass emails for our mailing list and the copy for our coordinating social media posts. 

Previous Action Items can be found here.

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Resources and links to help you as you reach out for various initiatives.

CIC Associates

Action Items Team

Colin Davis Jones

Owner of Colin Davis Jones Studios

Team Leader, copywriter

Elizabeth Krzyzanowski

Draper at Bethany Joy Costumes

Eblast coordinator, copywriter

Auction Team

Stephanie Zlotnick

 Auction Item Coordinator

Social Media Team

Bethany Itterly

Owner of Bethany Joy Costumes

Team Leader, graphics, Instagram, copywriter

Eric Winterling

Owner Eric Winterling, Inc.

Research and photo library

Anna Slocum

First Hand at John Kristiansen NY, Inc.

Facebook, Instagram, copywriter

Edwin Schiff

First Hand at John Kristiansen NY, Inc.

Video Producer, Youtube, Instagram

Thea Eschliman

First Hand at John Kristiansen NY, Inc.

Twitter, website design, graphics, copywriter

Zoe Regan

Business Manager at Timberlake Studios, Inc.

Artisan Guild of America liaison, website maintenance

Primo Davis

Research and photo library

Batya Reich

Alyssa Finfer

Sami Yuhas

Outreach Team

Katie Sue Nicklos

Owner of Wing and Weft Gloves

Robert Ritter

Draper at Tricorne

Podcast Team

Devario Simmons

Costume Designer


Jane Abramson


Kathryn Pellegrini


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