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Take part in our current action items, be it contacting your lawmakers or supporting a community member

Find out more here.

The CIC has created a Recovery Fund to help our Members survive the suspension of live entertainment. These funds will provide immediate assistance for the small businesses and artisans of the costume industry. All donations are tax-deductible through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, the Artisans Guild of America.

Donate here.

The CIC is run entirely by volunteers from within the NY Costume Industry. Are you interested in donating some time to the CIC?

See opportunities here.


If you have other ideas for how you could help,

contact us here.


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CIC Associates

Action Items Team

Colin Davis Jones

Owner of Colin Davis Jones Studios

Team Leader, copywriter

Elizabeth Krzyzanowski

Draper at Bethany Joy Costumes

Eblast coordinator, copywriter, newsletter

Podcast Team

Devario Simmons

Costume Designer


Jane Abramson


Kathryn Pellegrini


Social Media Team

Bethany Itterly

Owner of Bethany Joy Costumes

Team Leader, graphics, Instagram, copywriter

Anna Slocum

First Hand at John Kristiansen NY, Inc.

Facebook, Instagram, copywriter

Thea Eschliman

First Hand at John Kristiansen NY, Inc.

Twitter, website design, graphics, copywriter, Tiktok

Zoe Regan

Business Manager at Timberlake Studios, Inc.

Artisan Guild of America liaison, website maintenance

Primo Davis

Research and photo library, Tiktok

Jordan Schneider

Video Editor

Batya Reich

Video Editor

Sami Yuhas

newsletter, podcast liason

Matalynn Thayer

Tiktok team

Your time and assistance was invaluable to growing the CIC.

Thank You

Alyssa Finfer, Ben Heisler, Katie Sue Nicklos, Robert Ritter, Edwin Schiff, Eric Winterling,

and Stephanie Zlotnick

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